Never out of print 2016

Next year it is 50 years since Hugh was in the middle of the  Vietnam War. While some in the book industry say “books have the shelf life of yoghurt”, Hugh’s Vietnam: A Reporter’s War has just been reprinted yet again, by HarperCollins. His memoir of 1967-68 covering the Vietnam War as a Reuters war correspondent took 17 years to find a publisher — but has never been out of print since. It has had four publishers in Australia and two in New York. Hugh’s recollections of Saigon’s famous Continental Hotel; the Tet Offensive; and the battle for Hue have inspired many readers to travel Vietnam with his book as their guide to where it all happened in the long war.

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Winner announced 4 April 2016

HughSandstone1 HughSandstone2

COMPETITION WINNER ANNOUNCED. Read on. Twenty years ago  the above sandstone carving by Brisbane sculptor Dr Rhyl Hinwood was erected at the University of Queensland to celebrate the successful publication of some of Hugh’s books by the University of Queensland Press (UQP). Rhyl Hinwood’s carving contains two references to tales from Over the Top with Jim and one from the sequel, Head Over Heels. Can you guess what they are? Also, which incident in Over the Top has clearly left its visible mark on Hughie? Click photo twice to enlarge. A signed copy of The Over the Top with Jim Album will be sent to the winner…

AND THE WINNER IS JENNIFER JENYNS of Ormeau in Queensland. She said Hughie could quote from her email: “Thank you for showing me in my youth that I’m not the only misunderstood child to whom unfortunate things happen, or the only awkward teenager… your books helped me as an adult in a whole new way… I was able to see the good in my parents and to cherish the good memories… there were lots of them, I had just forgotten. I cannot wait to share them with my kids. You’ve taught me that our best ally in life is a good sense of humour”.

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Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences

Hugh Lunn was made a Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences on 4 November 2015. He was one of a small group of scientists and academics, made Academy Fellows by Governor Paul de Jersey AC at a ceremony on Wednesday night at Government House, Brisbane.…

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Hugh on being Australian

Click on the graphic below to hear Hugh and ABC Radio 612′s Steve Austin talk about Being Australian

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Reliable Memoirs

Over the Top with Jim received a kind word from Finch Publishing in Sydney which awards a $10,000 prize each year for an unpublished memoir.

Interviewed by Kelly Higgins-Devine on 612 ABC Local Radio (Monday 12 October 2015) publisher Rex Finch said that Hugh Lunn’s Over the Top with Jim (still in print) “was phenomenal in terms of its breadth of appeal.…

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Good News – books available

Hughie has been under the house cleaning and found some copies of More Over the Top With Jim and On the Road to Anywhere the story of how he wrote OTTWJ. For 10 years he had listed them as “sold out”.…

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