The Story Tellers at the Museum of Brisbane arrived 17 July 2020

The Storytellers: Step into the stories of our city

Uncover Brisbane’s histories, myths and tales as told by the storytellers of our city.

Featuring new stories by Victoria Carless, Simon Cleary, Matthew Condon, Trent Dalton, Nick Earls, Benjamin Law, Hugh Lunn, Kate Morton and Ellen van Neerven, The Storytellers creates an immersive and interactive experience combining historical objects, artworks, and written and narrated histories to share Brisbane’s many identities.

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10 July 2020

State of Origin: The Musical! — which sold out three off-Broadway performances last November at The Princess Theatre, Annerley Road — was due to open just about now at the  Gardens Theatre at QUT in Brisbane. But, because of Covid-19, all theatres went dark.

My Queensland co-conspirator — comic actor, musician  and composer Gerry Connolly, who grew up in Theodore — is still somewhere down south after his sold-out February 2020 show The Rise and Disguise of Elizabeth R at the Hayes Theatre in Sydney. As Theatre Now reviewer Veronica Hannon wrote, “A lot of the fun for us watching the multi-talented Gerry Connolly perform his spot-on caricature of Elizabeth R is we want to forget it’s not really her.” Another said: “The clever quips land solidly with roars of laughter, sometimes mingled with gasps of disbelief that yes, he does actually go there.” When Gerry returns home to the north and the lights go on again all over Australia, we will embark on conquering the next stage in our State of Origin: The Musical! journey.

In the meantime, Queenslanders are now urged to holiday in their own State. Heeding the call, a patriotic couple from Ipswich went on holidays. They wrote to tell me that in Hervey Bay they went to use the local laundry. “There were books people leave behind for other travellers to read,” Joyce said. “We do the same for others to enjoy. I picked up your book Working for Rupert for my partner. He says ‘it is the only book where I had tears running down my face from laughing… and from crying.'” Joyce added: “We won’t be leaving any of your books behind.”

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To buy tickets to the State of Origin Musical


Buy tickets to State of Origin the Musical


To buy tickets to the musical  Bring Them Home – the State of Origin Musical, click on the poster, or the link below.

Friday November 29 at 7.30 pm SOLD OUT!

Saturday November 30 matinee 2 p.m.

Saturday November 30  7.30 p.m.…

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Musical opens off-Broadway this November 2019

Actor Gerry Connolly and Hughie have been collaborating all year on their State of Origin musical. Opening night will be 29 November with another  two performances on 30 November.

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Most popular story

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This link takes you to the story published by Grey Matters in 2019.…

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Phillip Adams talks to Hugh Lunn about West Papua September 2019

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Phillip Adams on Radio National interviewed Hugh about what happened in West Papua in 1969.



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Hugh Riminton and Hugh Lunn September 2019

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Radio National journalist Hugh Riminton and Hugh Lunn talk about The Year that Made Me. Broadcast Sunday 8 September 2019.…

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