Royal Visitors

King Wally Lewis and his best mate Gene Miles turned up unannounced at QPAC rehearsals in March to see what State of Origin The Musical was all about.
They stayed for an hour.
The highlight was when young Tom Oliver, the actor playing Wally, sang a new song in front of the real King Wally. It was especially poignant because this song – written by Andrew McNaughton – captures Wally’s innermost thoughts as he is about to run on for the very first State of Origin in 1980.
King Wally and Geno chatted with cast and crew, told stories and answered questions.
After one rousing song Gene Miles leapt out of his seat and shouted: “Give me the ball, I’m gonna take it up!”
All the actors said it was a thrill – but also rather intimidating – to meet the real men.
(Click on link to ABC Radio interview to see picture.)

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